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You want it? You got it!

Claim History!
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Welcome to Claim History!

Right so here's the deal, members of this community are able to claim a moment in history of their choice; it could be a relatively minor moment in history, or a more major event in history. It's as simple as that!

Things to bear in mind:

01. You are allowed TWO free claims only. Any claim thereafter must be "paid" for with an icon, piece a fanfiction, or anything else that you can offer that refers to the moment in history you wish to claim. 

02. When claiming, please provide us with a picture which we can then use to make a banner verifying your claim to history. The picture should be one that is in some way relevant to the time in history you wish to claim, for example, a person who was involved at the time, a relevant building or location, or even an artists depiction of the event. Please do not provide us with a huuuuge picture! About 200 pixels in height or width would be adequate. Thank you! :)  

03. Historical moments can only be claimed once, so look back and check to see if your choice is still available.

04. Claims cannot be discarded and replaced, if you discard a claim, any additional ones will have to be "paid" for. </font>Once a claim is discarded, it cannot be reinstated unless no one else has claimed it after you.  

05. All Claims must be "clean". Claims of an indecent nature will result in refusal. Persistently indecent claimers will be removed. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! ;) 

06. Please try to be polite, friendly and respectable to your fellow community members at all times.



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Have any queries? Let us know here!